We have a collection of resources exploring the links between climate change, the conflict in Syria and the refugee situation in Europe. This is a collection of briefings, blog posts, podcasts and videos we have produced over the last 12 months.

report_iconDid climate change lead to the conflict in Syria? We examine new research that claims a powerful link.

podcast_iconVideo: climate change and the Syria crisis. Video presentation exploring the evidence connecting climate and the situation in Syria. Including examination of the media narrative, and possible solutions.

report_iconBriefing Q&A: climate change and the refugee crisis. Short briefing exploring the evidence linking climate change and the conflict in Syria.

report_iconClimate change and terrorism: understanding the political narrative. Blog exploring how commentators have connected climate change with terrorism.

report_iconClimate change and the Calais refugee “crisis”. Is there a climate connection? Analysis of arguments linking climate change with the refugee situation in Calais.

report_iconClimate change and the tragedy in the Mediterranean – are there connections? Blog exploring evidence linking climate change, the situation in Syria and attempts by people to cross the Mediterranean.